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Affect CT rapid test factors of result positive rate :
1、 Positive rate too low :
A、 Please confirm with the clinical doctor whether use polyester swab taking sample , and take enough epithelial cell .
B、Squeeze the swab for 15-30 times , make sure lysis completely , after adding lysis solution A , lysis time not exceed 5 minutes .
C、Adding not exceed 3 drops lysis solution on the sample hole (S), too much lysis solution will decline the sensitivity.
D、Should be use the test kit once open the foil bag , do not use after 30 minutes .
E、Lysis solution A and Lysis solution B should be seal after use , avoid contact with outside world with long time in case contaminate .
2、Positive rate to high :
A、Observed result do not over 30 minutes.
B、If the Lysis solution cap open in long time , lead to contaminate .
C、Whether use the poor quality swab .
D、If the swab touch normal saline before taking sample.
CT Rapid test not appear control line factors :
A.    Lysis solution A and B dropping in different volume . Lysis solution A over 2 drops Lysis solution B , lead to control line not appear. Or just only adding Lysis solution A , C line will not appear.
B.    Adding over 3 drops sample solution on sample hole(S) , too much sample solution will lead to C line not appear .
C.    After froze . if froze , please put the lysis solution in room temperature and shake in strength , mix completely.
D.    Foil bag open to long . Should be used when open the foil bag , do not use after open 30 minutes.
Affect Mycoplasma culture result factors :
Sample collection , sample inoculation , cultivation temperature and storage will affect cultivation result , should pay below attention in operating :
A.    Part of Mycoplasma culture medium should be freeze when you received them .
B.    Sample collection procedure should be correct .
C.    Should be inoculated in time when received the sample , storage sample should be properly.
D.    Pay attention to the incubator temperature , make sure the practical match .

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