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M.Tuberculosis Antibody(IgG) Testing Kit (Colloidal Gold)

This product is one kind of immunochromatographic kit to detect M. Tuberculosis antibody (IgG) in human serum rapidly, mainly used for an aid of diagnosis of tuberculosis in clinic.

Main components

20tests/kit 40tests/kit

1. plastic extraction tube 20pcs 40pcs

2. lysis reagent A 1bottle 2bottles, containing1% NaOH and 1%NaCl

3. lysis reagent B 1bottle 2bottles, containing 5%Tris and 1%NaCl

4. test cassette 20pcs 40pcs, containing CT Mab and colloid gold

The kit is made based on that the level of the M. tuberculosis antibody in TB infected human body is higher than normal one, accordingly, as an aid of diagnosis in clinic to test the IgG level in human sera can be very important.

The kit integrates the method of immunological determination with immunochoromatograhy in one test. After drops of serum sample are added to sample well of the cassette, the serum can be seen moving upwards, firstly combines with the colloidal gold conjugated with specific antigen, forming “antibody- antigen-colloidal gold” complex, then the complex flows laterally and is finally captured by recombinant TB antigen protein, which is coated on the test well (T) of the nitrocellulous membrane, then forming a red line, which is visible by naked eyes. The color shades depend upon M.tuberculosis antibody (IgG) concentration in the serum sample. Meanwhile, whether there is M tuberculosis antibody (IgG) in the sample or not, the colloidal gold complex once moving through control well (C) will difinitely be captured by protein A coated on it, forming the other red line, which means kit working well.

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