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Mycoplasma cultivation/Identification/ Enumeration/ Susceptibility Test Kit (Freeze-Dried)

Mycoplasma is one of the main pathogens which lead to nongonoccal urethritis (NGU), cervical, pelvic inflammatory disease, such as orchitis, epididymitis etc, and cause infertility to men and women. These pathogens can attack and destroy urogenital epithelial cells, causing infection of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

Among all the Mycoplasma species, UU and MH are able to lead sexually transmitted diseases. The incidence is continuously increasing, seriously compromising human health. The key to the treatment and prevention of the spread of Mycoplasma is timely and accurate detection. Currently, culture method is still being recognized as a reliable method to identify Mycoplasma infection.


Culture media
Each vial contains peptone, yeast extract, serum, growth factors, other nutrients, and urea, arginine etc.
 20 vials
Individual packed IES Test board
For identification, enumeration and susceptibility test of UU and MH.
20 pcs
Sterile Mineral Oil
For operation
15ml*2 bottles
Sterile Diluent
For operation
40ml*2 bottles
or 3.5ml*20vials
Sterile Pipette
For operation
20 pcs
Package insert 
For operating instruction
1 pc

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