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Antifungal Susceptibility Testing Kit(Culture Method)

As the fungi grow in the medium, glucose ferments to produce acid in metabolism and finally cause pH to decline, meanwhile, the indicator in the medium turns yellow from purple. The result can be observed through the color change of each well, which is used for the comparison of quality control and test of antifungal susceptibility.


Package: liquid medium 3.5mlx20 pcs, test board 20pcs, sterile pipette 20pcs, sterile mineral oil 20mlx1bottle, package insert 1pc, report sheet 20pcs
Main ingredients of liquid medium: yeast extract 6.7g/l, glucose 40g/l, amninosuccinamic acid 1.5g/l, neutral red 60mg/l, bromcresol Purple 32mg/l
Antifungals to test: amphotericin B(AMB) 16mg/l, nystatin(NYS) 8mg/l, econazole(ECO) 4mg/l, miconazole(MIC) 4mg/l, ketoconazole(KET) 4mg/l, fluconazole(FLU) 128mg/l, Itraconazole(ITR) 8mg/l

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