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Ready to Use Disposable 96-Sample Equilibrium Dialysis Plates


Harvard Apparatus offers patented 96-Well DispoEquilibrium DIALYZERSTM that are FDA listed and Compliant for In-Vitro diagnostic protocols.

The 96-Well DispoEquilibrium DIALYZER™ provides a simple and reliable technique to analyze up to 96 equilibrium dialysis chambers simultaneously on disposable dialysis plates.

These ready to use equilibrium dialysis plates are convenient and cost effective tools for ligand binding experiments including serum protein binding, protein-drug binding, protein-protein binding and protein-DNA binding assays. They are also ideal for analysis of free or unbound analytes like free T4, free Cortisol, or free Testosterone.

Equilibrium Dialysis is recognized as the most preferred technique for molecular binding studies as it allows for the direct assays of molecular interactions at close to physiological conditions with minimal effects on equilibrium parameters.

Equilibrium Dialysis has also shown itself to be a valuable technique for sample preparation before candidate analysis by mass spectrometry. Studies have shown enhanced target identification when equilibrium dialysis is used.

Each test well in the plate consists of two chambers separated by a regenerated cellulose membrane with a molecular weight cut off of either 5,000 or 10,000 Daltons. Each chamber holds up to 300µl of sample or buffer.

To decrease the dialysis time, the plate needs to be rotated through 360° in a vertical position. Harvard Apparatus can also supply a 1 or 2 plate rotator or an eight plate rotator with temperature control.

The 96–well plate was designed with SBS footprint and well spacing to meet automation needs.
Other equilibrium dialysis products from Harvard Apparatus include the single-sample DispoEquilibrium dialyzer for volumes up to 100µl or the re-usable PTFE Fast Micro-Equilibrium dialyzer for samples from 25µl to 1500µl and the Multi-Equilibrium Dialysis System for up to 20 samples with volumes from 200µl to 5ml.

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