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Next-Generation Software for Semi-Automated Diluter


Hamilton Company has announced the release of enhanced software for its Microlab 600 series diluter and dispensers, providing important new functionality for users in many applications. A new package of compliance features for labs in regulated environments, such as forensics and pharmaceutical, includes method logging with electronic signature capability, password protection and the ability to print documentation. These functions are tamper-evident for additional security and adhere to 21 CFR Part 11 and FDA GLP/GMP requirements. A new Configuration Wizard walks the user through the system setup, including security and method logging settings.

The new Microlab 600 software, which is field-upgradable and included in all new instruments, is now available in ten languages, adding convenience for Hamilton’s customers worldwide. For labs that require report printing directly from the instrument, the software update integrates with a new printer accessory kit. It is also compatible with LyncStore™, a PC-based log file management system that allows users to sort, filter, compare, save and print files from any computer.

“Our new Microlab 600 instrument has seen success in a wide range of industries and geographical areas and we have collected a good deal of feedback from customers,” said Jason March, director of marketing for Hamilton. “This next-generation software is market-driven and makes the instrument even more valuable to researchers.”

The Microlab 600 semi-automated laboratory diluters and dispensers streamline sample preparation, increase precision and throughput and reduce buffer waste. Hamilton’s positive displacement dispensing technology delivers better than 99 percent accuracy, regardless of viscosity, vapor pressure or temperature. An internet-enabled controller with an icon-based graphical touch screen is easy to use, and the system’s accurate syringe pump allows the programming of smaller sample volumes. A universal valve enables users to quickly switch from one task to another with minimal downtime.

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