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The Latest Slidemaker Stainer for LEAN Laboratories


The UniCel DxH Slidemaker Stainer (DxH SMS) from Beckman Coulter is the latest instrument in the company’s Coulter Cellular Analysis System. The DxH SMS is an automated slidemaker and stainer which prepares slides based on orders received from laboratory information systems. It can be connected to multiple analyzers and utilizes innovative technology and Lean design principles to redefine acceptability in automated slide processing.

“As the global trend in laboratory consolidation continues, the demand for automating routine laboratory procedures will only increase,” said Ron Hebert, director of hematology and hemostasis product management at Beckman Coulter. “By automating slide making and staining in one module, the DxH SMS provides greater workflow efficiency while lowering costs, speeding up results and increasing productivity.”

The DxH SMS uses HemaSphere sample aspiration technology to give a reliable and consistent smear every time regardless of the blood consistency. Adjustable smear settings allow users to program individual preferences. State of the art technology and a reliable system mean that minimal operator intervention is required and laboratory downtime is reduced.

A sophisticated sample tracking tool allows laboratory users to find individual slides by searching for a particular patient. The system can also be customized to allow labs to meet nearly every level of throughput, with “load ‘n’ go” capabilities to increase daily productivity levels.

The DxH SMS seamlessly connects to multiple analyzers and optimizes workflow according to workload, by automating slide making and creating slides with reduced aspiration volume. “Our focus at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is to provide innovative hematology automation solutions to our customers worldwide,” Hebert added. “The DxH SMS’s modular design, novel technology and small footprint make it the ultimate solution for the Lean lab.”

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